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How Warehouses Can Benefit From Using A 10-Ton Overhead Crane

10-ton overhead cranes offer a lot of benefits for companies in the warehousing industry. The primary purpose of a warehouse is to store goods. In order to move items around the warehouse and access them easily, different types of lifting equipment are used. For instance, you can often find forklifts being used to move heavy pallets around a warehouse.

As it turns out, however, this isn’t the most effective or efficient solution. Instead, a much smarter option is to invest in an overhead crane. After they are installed, traveling cranes can save companies both time and money. As an added bonus, they also make it easier to utilize every square foot of space in the warehouse. In order to understand why they are so beneficial, you first need to take a closer look at how they work.

As you might guess, overhead cranes are mounted up high near the ceiling. The installation process involves placing tracks or rails on two opposing walls. A large beam or girder is then used to connect the tracks, spanning the width of the building. Attached to this beam, there is a trolley that moves back and forth. A hoist is connected to the trolley with a cable, chain, or rope hanging down that can be attached to heavy loads on the ground.

This design allows the crane to access any part of the floor in the warehouse. The beam can move from the front of the building to the back of the building on the rails that are attached to the wall. At the same time, the trolley can move back and forth along the length of the beam. This enables the crane operator to position the trolley and hoist directly above an item on the floor, no matter where it is located in the warehouse.

This is a far more efficient option than using a forklift. With a forklift, you have to leave large pathways throughout the warehouse so that the vehicle can move freely through the space. That means that you can’t store any items in the pathways or openings. An overhead crane eliminates this problem, allowing you to make use of the entire floor of the warehouse.

Cranes are also exceptionally easy to operate. They are already set up and ready to go. That means that moving goods around or picking orders with the crane is extremely fast since there is minimal setup time required. It is simply a matter of moving the crane over the correct item, attaching the hoist, making sure that the load is secure, and lifting it up off of the ground.

For businesses in the warehousing industry, the benefits of a 10-ton overhead crane are quite significant. Along with saving time and improving efficiency, these cranes also allow for a more efficient use of the storage space. Together, all of these benefits make them a great investment for these types of businesses. If you own a warehouse, it is definitely worth exploring whether or not a crane could help your business improve its bottom line.

Why You Need A 2 Ton Overhead Crane For Your Facility

Overhead cranes are machines made to life and transport heavy items from one place to another. They are used in industrial facilities, factories, and warehouses. There is no single size that fits every application and finding the right one for your needs takes time.

quality 2 ton overhead crane
Weihua 2 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

A crane has to be engineered to fit your working space and the amount of available clearance from the floor to the ceiling. It should be designed to handle the materials your business produces and ships to consumers. Overhead cranes allow there to be more efficiency in production and more efficiency in the space you have for employees, the work that they do and storage of inventory and other items.

Cranes are available in all sizes and configurations. Some are single girders and others are double. Some run on top of the track and others underneath it. Cranes are made to support various weights such as the 2 ton overhead crane.

You might find that you need it to load or unload products to and from trucks. It can help move products and materials much easier than a team of workers can. Cranes can also move boxes around shipyards, warehouses, and rail yards. A 2 ton crane can be ideal for moving product parts along an assembly line.

You would want to get a 2 ton overhead crane for two reasons and those are for greater efficiency and greater safety. For efficiency, it cannot be beaten. It is much more convenient than using tow motors or manual labor. Cranes will move your materials twice as fast as any team of workers can. They lift, move and place products with total automation and ease.

They also keep your workplace safe. Even in the most dangerous work settings, your employees will be safer when a crane is doing the lifting of hot metal, chemicals, and corrosive materials. A 2 ton overhead crane handles up to two tons of weight which is safer than letting a group of workers do it.

You can purchase a crane designed just for your facility. It may be made with steel or a rigid welding box for the single-girder style of crane. It is excellent for workshops, production lines, and assembly plants. The best manufacturers make these products so that they are built to last.

You can purchase some of the highest quality machines at economical prices. The fact that they help keep the environment safe and workers free from injury only adds to their value.

reliable 2 ton overhead crane
Quality 2 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

With this basic understanding of what a 2 ton product can do for you, you can better shop around for a crane that will work for your business. These items can be configured in a simple manner on a jib that moves a few feet during assembly or they can be configured to work as a double girder top-runner for transporting corrosive chemicals or hot materials in your company’s mill.

There are standard 2 ton overhead products available from top makers. These manufacturers also make custom designed cranes to better suit your business’s specific needs. This is another reason you need one.

Tips For Safely Using A 15 Ton Bridge Crane

When you are using any heavy machinery, you need to take safety into account. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use which will help ensure that you operate a 15-ton bridge crane safely. Of course, it is important to note that there are other safety tips that you might need depending on how you are going to use the crane.

15 Ton Bridge Crane
15 Ton Bridge Crane

Regular Maintenance

The key to safe crane operation is to have the crane regularly maintained. Load testing maintenance will also ensure that you know how many pounds the crane can safely hoist. Completing these maintenance tests will also ensure that your crane stays in good condition.

The regularity of the maintenance will vary depending on the amount of use and the loads you are moving. If you are frequently moving heavy loads, you will need to have your crane looked at more often. This is due to the fact that cranes have a number of moving parts that will wear and this wear will be faster when the crane is used often.

Ensure Attachments Are Secured Properly

One of the leading causes of accidents with overhead lifting equipment is the improper securing of attachments. If the attachments are not secured properly, the loads could slip or tip until they are off balance. This will cause the load to crash to the floor and this can cause major injuries.

If the crane hoist has a hook latch, you need to ensure that this is always completely closed before you start moving the load. The attachments will also need to be the correct size and sit securely in the hook saddle before any loads are moved. If this is not the case, the attachments could become disconnected and this will cause a lot of problems. If you would like to buy a 15 ton bridge crane, click here

15 Ton Overhead Crane
15 Ton Overhead Crane

Ensure The Load Is Clear Of Obstructions

Bridge cranes will move the load overhead which increases the danger of use. Once the load has been hoisted, you need to check that there is nothing clinging to the underside of the load. If there are any objects which have become attached, they will add weight to the load and could cause an obstruction.

You also need to ensure that the loads are always hoisted high enough to clear any obstructions. If the load is not high enough, the obstruction will be knocked down and this could cause injury. If you cannot lift the load any higher, you will need to move the obstructions out of the path of the load.

Educate Your Employees

One of the best ways to ensure safety when a 15-ton bridge crane is used is to ensure that your employees have been correctly trained and educated. It is not only the employees who handle the crane that need to be educated. Any employee that will be around the crane should be made aware of the risks.

It is also important that you have procedures in place which ensure employee safety. These procedures should be part of any induction for new employees and you need to have refresher training with your other employees as well. If you have any doubt, please visit our website and contact us online.

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