Important Features Of Small Portable Asphalt Plants For Sale

Whenever I’m looking at small portable asphalt plants for investment, I always look at a select few features to make sure that I will get the best value for my investment. There are lots of different types of these small portable asphalt plants available, and I know that not all of them will be able to deliver the returns that me and my shareholders require. Thus, I have spent many years trying to find the most important features that should be looked into when assessing a given small portable asphalt plant for investment purposes. This article will showcase a few of the most important features that I have found.


Price is king when it comes to all of these small portable asphalt plants that are on the market at the moment. Hence, going through an extensive procedure of price comparison is something that I’ve always advocated towards my colleagues in the industry. However, it’s important to note that simply comparing base prices for each portable asphalt batch plant is often not a reliable way to get a good comparison. This is because there are usually lots of other costs that are involved with getting such a plant up and running.

small portable asphalt plant
small portable asphalt plant

Hence, when it comes to making an effective price comparison for portable asphalt plants, I like to incorporate the base price of the plant, as well as shipping and installation costs. Essentially, you want to calculate the price of getting each asphalt batch mix plant up and running, rather than looking at the base cost you will have to pay. This price that has been calculated will be a lot more reflective of the total cost burden that will arise from investing in these plants.


Total manpower required to keep these small portable asphalt plants up and running is yet another feature that I believe shouldn’t be overlooked. The cost per worker needed to get a plant operating is something that can place a large financial burden on a company. Just because a plant is cheap to install doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t eat up a lot of other costs, such as costs paid to workers in order to sustain the operation of the plant. It may be hard to get an accurate estimate for total manpower engagement needed for a particular drum mix asphalt plant, but even a rough estimate is better than nothing.

portable asphalt plant
portable asphalt plant

If you want to get more accurate estimates for how many workers are required for a given portable asphalt plant, it may be worth asking around the industry. If you have built up extensive connections with the asphalt production industry, you should be able to get some accurate figures regarding what competitors may be spending in terms of workers to keep certain types of plants operating. This information will be highly useful to you when judging which plants provide the best return.

By looking at each of the important features that I have discussed, I am certain that you will easily make the right decision regarding buying a new portable asphalt plant. Each of these features is incredibly important in assessing the quality of investment regarding a specific plant.

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